Contact Information

Department of Information Systems
College of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
1000 Hilltop Cir, Baltimore, MD 21250

Office:   ITE 427
Tel:       410-455-8628



2021 - Bina lab is organizing FloodNet challenge at CVPR 2021! Participants will receive up to $15,000 cloud credit from Microsoft!

2020- I received Amazon Machine learning research award for Combining Model-Based and Data Driven Approaches to Study Climate Change. Thank you, Amazon!

2020 - I received Microsoft AI for Earth grant for Rapid Response and Recovery after a Hurricane Using AI, Thank you Microsoft!

2019 - I have several funded positions for both graduate and undergraduate students in Machine Learning, AI, Computer Vision, and Remote Sensing. Send me an email if you are interested. Prospective Students click here.

2019 - I gave a research talk on Challenges and Opportunities of Data-Driven Machine Learning for Multidimensional Signals with and beyond the Visible Spectrum at Princeton University.

2019 - I gave a research talk on intelligent solutions for navigating big data from the Arctic and Antarctic at Center for Imaging Science at Rochester Institute of Technology.

2018 - I received BIGDATA award from NSF to develop intelligent solutions for navigating big data from the Arctic and Antarctic !

2018 - I supervised 2 undergraduate students this summer to develop deep learning solutions for agriculture in our NSF-REU site: Applied Computing Research in Unmanned Aerial Systems.

2018 - I received Machine Learning Research Award from Amazon for transforming Deep learning to the time-frequency domain!

2018 - Congratulations to Marina, our athlete undergrad, for jointly presenting our paper on flood detection at IGARSS 2018.

2018 - I received research enhancement grant from Tamucc for developing recurrent neural networks for aging in place centers .

2018 - Our paper on pattern identification on Sonar imagery got accepted in IEEE journal of oceanic engineering.

2018 - Our paper on deep hybrid networks for detecting ice layers got accepted in IGARSS 2018.

2018 - Our paper on Virtual-lot was accepted in IGARSS 2018.

2017 - I will participate in Amazon Faculty Summit in Seattle, Washington on October 8-9. Thank you Amazon for the invitation!

2017 - Our paper on deep count based on simulated learning is published in journal of Sensors.

2017 - I gave a talk on UAS Data Analytics with Deep Learning in AUVSI Xponential 2017.

2017 - I received Texas Comprehensive Research Funding to support a postdoc.

2017 - Check out our new paper on Ice thickness estimation based on theory of electrostatic presented in IGARSS 2017!

2017 - Check out our paper on pattern detection of sonar imagery in CVPRW.

2017 - Our paper on Ice surface and bottom boundaries estimation based on level set is published on IEEE transaction on Geoscience and Remote Sensing!

2017 - I was co-organizer of 13th IEEE workshop on perception beyond the visible spectrum in conjunction with CVPR 2017 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

2017 - I received Amazon Academic Research Award. Thank you Amazon!